Goosevia @Wario64

It's almost 2020, and it's almost three whole years since the Nintendo Switch first burst onto the scene, and a large part of us is still desperately hoping for themes for the system.

Talk of features like themes and folders can almost always be found in our forums and comment sections, and today has brought yet another reason for us to demand such a thing. This time, it's all thanks to that pesky goose.

Yes, Untitled Goose Game has launched on PS4 today in a bid to terrorise another group of gaming fans all around the world, and its release has brought with it a dynamic theme for the console. You can see it in action via @Wario64 below (we'd recommend sticking around until the end for the best part).

Now, we wouldn't expect Switch to get themes anywhere near as fancy as some of PS4's best offerings, and we completely understand the arguments for keeping them away from the console altogether - the Switch's boot time could be negatively impacted, for one - but come on. How awesome would it be to load up your Switch and be greeted by a cheeky honk?

We're sure the Switch themes debate will run on forevermore, or until Nintendo actually implements them, but we'll ask you once more just for the fun of it. How do you feel about having themes on Switch? Yea or nay?