Below is a list of all the routes in Pokémon Sword and Shield along with the Pokémon you'll encounter there. Note that the locations below denote where you can see the Pokémon wandering around; the italicised Pokémon can't be seen and therefore must be encountered randomly in tall grass.


Route 1

Pokémon to find on Route 1: Rookidee, Skwovet, Nickit, Wooloo, Vulpix, Delibird, Blipbug, Caterpie, Grubbin, Vikavolt, Hoothoot.

Route 2

Pokémon to find on Route 2: Blipbug, Rookidee, Skwovet, Nickit, Zigzagoon, Yamper, Vanillite, Gyrados, Barraskewda, Vikavolt, Hoothoot, Lotad (Pokémon Shield Exclusive), Seedot (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Purrloin, Vulpix, Delibird, Gossifleur, Magikarp, Feebas, Arrokuda.

Route 3

Pokémon to find on Route 3: Zigzagoon, Vulpix, Gossifleur, Trubbish, Rolycoly, Rookidee, Sizzlipede.

Route 4

Pokémon to find on Route 4: Meowth, Pumpkaboo, Pikachu, Eevee, Wooloo, Milcery, Cutiefly, Ferroseed.

Route 5

Pokémon to find on Route 5: Swirlix (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Spritzee (Pokémon Shield Exclusive), Wobbuffet, Farfetch'd (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Dottler, Lombre (Pokémon Shield Exclusive), Magikarp, Applin, Dewpider.

Route 6

Pokémon to find on Route 6: Helioptile, Trapinch, Yamask, Greedent, Skorupi, Torkoal, Silicobra, Hippopotas, Durant, Heatmor, Hawlucha.

Route 7

Pokémon to find on Route 7: Thievul, Galvantula, Perrserker, Inkay, Corviknight, Seismitoad, Meowstic, Shelmet, Toxel.

Route 8

Pokémon to find on Route 8: Vanillish, Golett, Gurdurr, Pawniard, Rufflet (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Vullaby (Pokémon Shield Exclusive), Togedemaru, Snom, Lunatone (Pokémon Shield Exclusive), Solrock (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Dusclops, Haunter, Drapion, Sandaconda, Hippowdon, Falinks, Darumaka (Pokémon Sword Exclusive).

Route 9

Route 9

Pokémon to find on Route 9: Pelipper, Glalie, Octillery, Pyukumuku, Gastrodon, Barbaracle, Quilfish, Jellicent, Mareanie, Toxapex, Clobbopus, Wailmer, Bergmite, Dhelmise, Liepard, Kingler, Perrserker, Cramorant, Morpeko, Pinchurchin, Mantyke, Matine, Wailord, Lapras.

Route 10

Pokémon to find on Route 10: Vanilluxe, Snover, Mr. Mime, Duraludon, Vanillish, Abowsanow, Klang, Carkol, Beartic, Snom, Darumaka (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Stonjourner (Pokémon Sword Exclusive), Eiscue (Pokémon Shield Exclusive).

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