Relief in the Ancient Ruins

Chaperoning a pink ghost back to its grave, delivering letters for goats and getting his hands on the hookshot: Link had an eventful Part Six. In Part Seven, we’ll finally get the Magnifying Glass and Boomerang, before glimpsing the truth of Koholint Island in the Ancient Ruins and entering the sixth dungeon, the Face Shrine.

The Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence: Part Five – Scale, Magnifying Glass, Boomerang

Step Fourteen: Scale for Magnifying Glass

Shooting the hookshot across an inlet near Martha's Bay

Before we head off in search for the shrine mentioned in our last dungeon, we should put the Trading Sequence to rest and collect our rewards. In the last part we got as far as trading the Necklace for the Scale, so assuming that you have the Scale in your inventory, let’s find a place for it.

Thankfully, we don’t have to go far. Climb out on the east bank of Martha’s Bay and head south of the bridge you found the fisherman under. Hookshot across the inlet using the wooden box on the other side and head north.

Replacing the missing scale on the mermaid statue in Martha's Bay

Here we find a Mermaid Statue apparently missing a scale. Replacing the scale, it suddenly moves aside and reveals some steps.

Swinging at Invisible Enemies in the Mermaid's Cavern

Head down the steps – you will be hassled by invisible opponents. Either quickly head to the top or hit them with a charged sword attack as you hear them get close.

Receiving the Magnifying Lens

You will see a magnifying lens on a raised area at the top of the cave. Pick it up – its effects are applied automatically for the rest of the game.

Primarily the magnifying lens’ allows you to read a particular book in the Mabe Village library for directions to a particular dungeon. We’ll leave heading there until relevant – there are, however, a couple of places where your new-found skills of perception come in handy – let’s head to them now.

Using the Magnifying Lens to find the Boomerang

Talking to the friendly hidden Zora for a boomerang hint

The northeastern house in the Animal Village appears unoccupied when you enter it earlier in the game. However, once you have the magnifying glass you will find a friendly Zora bathing in the pool there. In addition to handing you a secret seashell in exchange for your silence, he will tell you about a Cave at Tornobo Shores with another usually invisible resident.

Tornobo Shores Boomerang Cave

The cave is found south of the banana plantation and west of the secluded beach where you talked with Marin. Bomb the cracked wall here and head inside.

Link receives the Boomerang in exchange for another item

Come here before you have the Magnifying Lens and the cave will appear unoccupied – with the lens, you can see an Item Trading Goriya who has acquired a Boomerang. He would like one of your items in return, but it’s definitely worth it. If you have hunted down all secret seashells the shovel is an obvious choice for this, however - exclusively in the Switch remake, you can buy back your traded item for 300 gems anyway.

Ancient Ruins Walkthrough

Ancient Ruins – Locating and Navigating

Heading north from the underground tunnel near Animal Village

Return to the Animal Village and head north, past the stairs to the underwater passage that first brought you to these shores. Head east.

The Owl introduces the Ancient Ruins and Face Shrine

Assuming you haven’t already wandered this way earlier in the game, the Owl will greet you with an explanation of the area.

Hoot! There are two shrines: one to the north, the other to the south
First, head south, where ancient ruins speak of the Wind Fish…
You will learn much there…

Ancient Ruins entrance

Head south as the Owl suggests. The Ancient Ruins is a deserted area filled with armed statues (Armos) with a vague Terracotta Army whiff about them. Continue heading south and intentionally walk into one of the Armos blocking your way.

Fighting Armos in the Ancient Ruins

Once touched, some Armos activate and begin hopping randomly in your direction. The only weapons that will hurt them are your Bow and Boomerang. They often drop arrows to replenish the former, which also does more damage.

Entering the main building in the Ancient Ruins

Continue heading in a general westerly direction, bumping up against Armos and fighting them as you go. The main building in the ancient ruins in found in the northwestern corner.

Ancient Ruins Miniboss – Armos Knight and the Face Key

Jumping the Knight Armos' attacks in the Ancient Ruins

In the second room of the ruined building your progress will be stopped by a large Armos Knight. He will lumber towards you doing a fair bit of damage, and he will periodically jump – this shakes the floor, stunning and damaging you. Jump to avoid this. The Armos Knight is invulnerable to a lot of your tools – unlike the Armos you’ve fought up to now, he won’t be damaged by your boomerang. Use your bow, or alternatively a charged sword or dash attack (the sword attacks can be quite difficult to time towards the end of the fight, as the Armos Knight will speed up).

Receiving the Face Key in the Ancient Ruins

Do enough damage and the Armos Knight is destroyed. You will receive the Face Key and can now access the Face Shrine to the north. For now, head through the door to the top, light the torches and check the relief on the top wall.

Link reads the truth about Koholint Island

Link will read the text on the ancient image:


Head outside and the Owl will swoop in to help you consider what you’ve just read:

Hoot! I see you have read the relief…
While it does say the island is but a dream of the Wind Fish, no one is really sure…
Just as you cannot know if a chest holds treasure until you open it, so you cannot tell if this is a dream until you awaken…
The only one who knows for sure is the Wind Fish…
Trust your feelings… Someday you will discover the answer…

Using the Face Key to Enter the Face Shrine

Approaching the boulder maze leading the Face Shrine

Dream or no dream, your adventure must continue. Exit the ancient ruins and work your way through the boulder maze, heading northwest.

Island entrance towards the Face Shrine

Take the stairs at the end of the boulder maze and jump into the water. Head for the small island with the two Armos statues – the lefthand one will activate as you touch it. Shoot it or lure it into the water and then head down the stairs that have been uncovered.

Hookshotting across a gap heading towards the Face Shrine

Head through the underwater cavern, using your hookshot to jump the chasm after the pool of water.

Face Shrine keyhole location

Locate the keyhole for the Face key in the Northeast corner of the island.

The Face Shrine rises and Link enters

Head into the entrance that rose from the ground and ready yourself for dungeon number six.

Face Shrine Walkthrough

Face Shrine: Picking Up the Powerful Bracelet

Face Shrine starting room

Unusually, our first task in the Face Shrine won’t be to track down the various items that help us understand the layout of the place: instead, we’ll be claiming the dungeon’s key item first and using that for the remainder of the dungeon. Head left to start your search.

Fighting Wizzrobes in an early Face Shrine room

Your first enemy encounter will be with a group of Wizzrobes – expect to see a lot of them in this dungeon. They will continuously disappear and reappear under their hats and throw a fireball at you. Damage them with arrows, your boomerang and/or a bomb. Clearing the room opens the gate on the right – currently a dead-end with a 50 rupee chest and an elephant-shaped statue that you cannot currently lift. The left corridor should be followed instead – head up and then left.

Placing a bomb to get on the other side of the rising orange barriers

The next room contains a mask mimic (you have more options for taking it out than just the charged sword attack now, e.g. the Boomerang), a gem switch, two narrow corridors and two currently unopenable doors.

Note that when the gem switch is hit the orange barriers will stop you from progressing further – the trick is to lay a bomb, walk beyond the barriers and wait for the bomb to explode, cycling the switch. Do this once (lowering all blue barriers, raising all orange) and head up one screen, using the righthand corridor. Bomb the broken wall to the right and step through.

Stairs revealed after dispatching all enemies

Circle the next room, killing the Zol (green blobs) as you go, throwing magic powder on the torches to get some light. With all enemies killed, a set of steps will appear in the upper right.

Head through the next sidescrolling area, taking care to avoid the giant bubbles as they bounce around.

Blue barriers down on route to Powerful Bracelet

You emerge in a room which should have a ring of lowered blue barriers, a mini-moldorm and a couple of Wizzrobes. Remove all the enemies to open the door at the top and head through it.

Link claims the Powerful Bracelet in the Face Shrine

The next room contains two raised areas, with a chest on the lefthand one. Inside is the Powerful Bracelet – an upgraded Power Bracelet that will let you shift even heavier objects – including all those elephant statues you keep seeing. Try it out for yourself and head out the one-way door in the top.

Face Shrine: Acquiring the Dungeon Map, Stone Beak and Compass

Heading along the left corridor while raising the orange barriers

You will find yourself back in the room with the gem switch and the mask-mimic. You can use your newfound strength to hurl the Elephant Statue at the righthand exit with the pot on it – head through for a health-pickup and 100 rupees (if you head south, you will find yourself back in your first Wizzrobe encounter).

Return to the mask-mimic room and head up the lefthand corridor, bombing the gem switch as you go to raise the orange barriers again.

Stepping on a switch under some pots

Clear the next room of pots to locate a switch in the upper-left corner. Step on it to open the door on the left.

Throwing a bomb to activate a swith

You’ll encounter a group of Wizzrobes in the next room – work on killing them all. One Wizzrobe will appear behind the orange barrier – the boomerang will pass through the blue and orange barriers, but you can also throw bombs to attack/work the gem switch.

Link recieves the Dungeon Map in the Face Shrine

With all Wizzrobes culled, the Dungeon Map will appear in the upper right of the room. Leave the room via the north exit, ensuring that the blue barriers remain down.

In the next room you will want to head into the narrow corridor in the upper right.

Link recieves the Stone Beak in the Face Shrine

This narrow corridor leads you to another chest – this time containing the Stone Beak.

Acknowledging the Elephant in the room by smashing it against a door

Return to the previous room and throw one of your pots at the pottery door to break it. When through, turn right down another narrow corridor.

Link recieves the Compass in the Face Shrine

This next room contains yet another dungeon item chest – open it to claim your Compass.

Face Shrine: Fighting the Smasher Miniboss

Cycling the gem switch to access a room to the west

The room with the Compass also has another gem switch – cycle this once to raise the blue barriers and lower the orange ones.

Further distruction of ancient pottery artifacts

Return left to the previous room and throw a pottery elephant at the door on the top wall.

Horsie to King Bish Three

The next room presents a new puzzle type to learn, but let’s get our loot first. You will enter with the blue barriers raised and the orange barrier lowered – open the chest for another 100 rupees then duck out of the dungeon by climbing the steps – you will emerge in the Raft Rapids area – open the chest for a secret seashell, and head back into the dungeon.

Now, to deal with the chess pieces: throw them a few times to get used to how they work – they move similarly to real knight pieces in chess, moving either diagonally left or right of where they are thrown from (they travel a little further, however). If you pick up the black knight, stand on the fourth floor-tile from the left, in the lowest row, and throw to the left, the knight should bounce into the left receptacle.

Horsie flanks Prawn.

The White Knight requires similar treatment – face/throw right on the fifth tile from the left, first row (as pictured). This will open the lower door. Before you leave, you will also have to lower the blue barriers – throw a bomb or your boomerang to achieve this.

Defeating Wizzrobes in the orange barrier room for a Small Key

Take the righthand exit in the next room (returning to the room with the gem-switch where you got the compass). Before you leave, cycle the gem switch once to lower some upcoming orange barriers. Follow the path to the right until you reach a room filled with (lowered) orange barriers. You will once again encounter some Wizzrobes (as well as a bouncing fire-skull ‘bubble’ enemy) – kill the Wizzrobes to receive a Small Key.

We’re essentially done in this wing of the shrine. If you head south from the current room you will see an Owl Statue on the other side – optionally, you can circle back here (it’s up some steps in the room where you bombed the wall to find a route towards the Powerful Bracelet). It will say:

Enter the space where the eyes have walls…

Otherwise, return to the very first room of the shrine (either by walking it or using Manbo’s Mambo). Head right this time. Hop over the conveyor belts with the blade traps. In the next room, you will have a series of floor tiles thrown at you – do your best to dodge and jump them, and once all are gone you can leave via the top exit.

Link throws another helpless elephant at a pottery door

In this eastern wing of the shrine you will find yourself in a room with two elephant statues, a locked exit to the top, and a pottery door to your right. Throw one of the elephants at the righthand exit first, and head through (we’ll be back for the locked door soon).

Four Wizrobes leave little room for Link to manouevre

The next room locks you in with a large group of Wizzrobes. Take them out one by one to secure a way out (or three). Take the upper right exit.

Link claims a Small Key in the flooded trench

You will enter a long hall with stairs down to a flooded trench. Follow this to the end and open the chest you find for a second Small Key.

Using a Small Key in the eastern wing of the Face Shrine

Backtrack to the room with the locked door and spend one of your keys.

Blowing up a crack in the wall

Bomb the top wall in the next room and head through.

The Smasher runs scared from Link as he turns the tables

This is the lair of the Smasher – a miniboss who carries a heavy metal ball to throw at Link for heavy damage. He’s quick to pick it up once thrown, but if you avoid a throw and get to the ball quick enough, you can turn the tables and throw it back at him. After four hits, he explodes and you can continue your journey.

Face Shrine: Finding the Nightmare Key

If you repeatedly continue heading north after defeating the miniboss, the same three rooms will unexpectedly loop again and again. The real exit is a hidden staircase in the room above the miniboss arena – lift the left-hand Elephant statue to uncover a staircase.

Second flying tile room, after the tiles have been thrown

After an underground sidescrolling section, you emerge into another room where you can expect to be assaulted by flying tiles. This time, there are pits to fall into when the tiles a thrown. Instead of immediately using the lock block and escaping, jump and dodge all of the tiles to be rewarded with another Small Key. Now use the lock block and follow the path, smashing open another pottery door with an elephant statue on the way.

Prawn takes Horsie.

You will find that you are moving back towards the western wing of the dungeon – you will have to deal with a chess-piece puzzle that you will have seen from above earlier. The solution to this one is relatively easy. Firstly, throw the black knight left from the tile below the right socket

Bishop to Knight Five. Double Check and Mate, sucker!

Then throw the white knight right from the tile below the left socket. Head left and take the stairs in the next room.

Dashing under some thwomps in the Face Shrine

You’ll find yourself in another sidescrolling area – use your dash to dodge both sets of thwomps.

The room you emerge into will feature two locked doors and three Poe’s Voice enemies (rabbit eared enemies that need to be bombed). Take the top door, and do the same in the next room.

It’s called a “knight,” actually, Holly…

You will be locked in another room with a chess puzzle. Claim your loot – a cool 300 rupees. Stand on the fourth tile from the left on the second row and throw the white Knight.

Yet another throw of the horsie in the Face Shrine

Lower the blue barriers by throwing a bomb or your boomerang at the gem switch. Stand on the corner blue square and throw the black knight to the right. Return to the room with the Poe’s Voices and take the lower door.

Dodongo Snakes return to chomp on bombs

The next room contains a familiar sight – a repeat of the Dodongo Snakes miniboss from the Key Cavern. As before, place bombs in front of their mouths and wait for them to eat enough to explode. Leave via the left exit once the deed is done.

Hookshotting over the flooded trench

You will find yourself on the upper level of the long hall with the flooded trench. Use your hookshot to get across to the other side and spend your Small Key in the lock block there. Head upwards and throw the pots out of the way of the Owl Statue, which will say:

To open a treasure chest, use the pots around it.

Link claims the Nightmare Key after smashing a pot against the chest containing it

Throw a pot at the chest to open it and receive the Nightmare key. As you leave, check the gem switch is set to orange (this will leave orange barriers raised). Jump in the flooded trench and exit to the south.

Face Shrine: Defeating the Nightmare/Dungeon Boss – Façade

Hopping on raised orange barriers to claim Crazy Tracey's lotion

Leaving the long hall via its lower exit, you will enter the room in which you fought the four Wizzrobes. Take the lower exit this time. In the next room, the Owl Statue will state:

Hop on top of the crystals to move forward.

Climb the steps directly below and drop off the ledge and onto the raised orange barrier. Jump to the single barrier on the right, and then head up the stairs and leave via the raised area. The chest in the next room contains some of Crazy Tracy’s lotion.

Vacuum Mouth destroyed, Link exits right

At this point you will need to loop back to the room with the flying tiles (from the beginning of the Nightmare Key section above.) This time, head south – you will find a room with a Vacuum Mouth in the centre – when it stops inhaling, jump and swing your sword at it. Tour the rest of the room and take out all green Zol to open the door to the right.

Jumping trenches towards the Nightmare

Take out the Wizzrobes in the next room to open the upper door. On the right side of the room you should jump the gap diagonally to access the upper area – just avoid the pit and the laser gaze of the Beamos in the lower right.

Lighting the torches outside the Nightmare's Lair

Light the torches in the next room to take out the Sparks and open the Nightmare door.

Enter the boss arena and a cartoonish face will form in the floortiles, ready with a taunt:

Hey, dummy! Need a hint? My weak point is…
Whoops! There I go, talking too much again…

Facade appears

This Nightmare is Façade. Considering he is only a face, the weak-point he isn’t telling you about is in fact, his face. In all upcoming phases, lay/throw a bomb on his face to hurt him.

Facade throws floor tiles in his first phase

The first phase of his attack will involve more tile dodging – get as many bomb throws in as possible. The pots will also get thrown once all of the orange tiles have been used up.

Pits open as Facade moves around the battle arena

Once the room is clear, Façade will start to move around the arena, and pits will open up in his wake. Avoid the pitfalls and throw your bombs wherever he comes to a stop. When you need just one more hit there will be a large number of pits to dodge. Deal the killing blow and hear his last words:

Ok, listen up!=
If the Wind Fish wakes up, everything on this island will be gone forever!
And I do mean…EVERYTHING!

Link claims the Coral Triangle

As ever, leave via the top door and claim your next instrument – the Coral Triangle – and hear the voice guiding you forward.

Something calls…from the mountains…

The adventure continues in part 8, as Link finds a way through the mountains to a distant tower...