It's been a solid year for kart racing games, with the release of Team Sonic Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Of course, on the Switch, neither of these titles in our humble opinion even come close to the first-party offering, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Perhaps the spell-slinging tag-team racer Gensou SkyDrift has a better chance of taking down the king of kart racers.

Published by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) label UNTIES and created by the former Mario Kart developers at illuCalab, Gensou SkyDrift has players racing through the "beautiful and magical lands" of Gensokyo at break-neck speeds in a "kart racer" where you partner is your vehicle. The two-racer concept certainly brings back memories of Double Dash.

Choose two racers from a roster of 20 magic-infused characters, each with their own driver handling stats and set of power ups, and swap between them on the fly. One racer steers the other, and swapping positions enables dynamic mid-match strategy changes.

Speed through more than 15 breathtaking stages to pulse-pounding music. Navigate through hoops scattered across the tracks to gain temporary boosts and charge racers’ mana. Unleash havoc on opposing teams by drawing devastating spells from character-specific decks of offensive and defensive abilities.

You'll be able to test your skills across story, versus and time attack modes, or take the action online, where you can race up to seven friends in multiplayer matches.

Gensou Skydrift's cast is pulled from the "beloved and long-running" Touhou Project, according to the PR.

This upcoming release arrives on the Switch and multiple other platforms on 12th December and will be available for $23.99/€ 21.99, with English language support. Pre-orders for the Switch version open on 5th December and the game will have a 20% launch discount.

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