Well, we haven't reported on this one in a while! Coming from 11 Bit Studios and developer Dead Mage, Children of Morta is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign which originally included a Wii U version, although you can guess what became of that. As with so many games, though, Wii U's loss is Switch's gain and this hack-and-slash action RPG arrives on 15th October.

The trailer above takes you through 11 different features and facts about the game to bring you up to speed if it's new to you or your memory doesn't extend all the way back to 2015. Heck, with all the video games coming out we have trouble remembering everything from last month, let alone four years ago!

Children of Morta is a procedurally generated hack-and-slash in which you take control of a family of heroic adventurers that level up together as you progress. While you probably won't be surprised to hear it has roguelite elements, permadeath isn't a feature and you can switch between one of six family members between runs. As you would expect, they each have different skills and and weaponry including daggers, swords, fireballs and more.

With three different lands, unique bosses and randomly spawning items, the game also features local co-op for two players and there's online co-op coming in a free update at some point down the road. Here are a few screens showing off some of pixel graphic art style:

The game has been well received on PC and currently carries a 'Very Positive' rating on Steam, so this is certainly one to look out for if you like your pixel-y roguelites.

If the comments are to be believed, pixel graphics ensure this will get a healthy 11/10 from Nintendo Life, but what do you make of it from the trailer? Have you been following Children of Morta's progress? Let us know with a juicy missive below.