The latest update for futuristic racer, GRIP: Combat Racing has been revealed, and it arrives in the form of the beloved silver sportscar, the DeLorean.

Made famous by being converted into a time machine in the Back to the Future series, this car hardly needs any introduction, despite the fact that only around 9,000 of the things were ever made. Now, everyone can own one thanks to its inclusion in GRIP on Switch. The trailer above says that this is "the iconic car like you've never seen it before".

DeLorean Motor Company, one of the most beloved car manufacturers in the galaxy, has injected its flagship vehicle into GRIP: Combat Racing. Armed, armoured, flippable and jet fuel-injected, it's the most souped-up DeLorean you will ever see – and pilot. It arrives in two forms: anti-grav AirBlades and regular four-wheeled roller.

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If you fancy strutting your stuff in one of these, the DLC will cost you $1.99 / £1.69.

"Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?!"