Switch Lite

Update (16:55 BST): Earlier, we reported on a new FCC filing that appeared to show a revised version of the Switch Lite. We'll leave the original story for you to check out below.

Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on how you look at it - further digging into the console's documentation reveals that the device is "intended to be used for software development or events", suggesting that it will not be a product designed for sale. By the sounds of it, the model that had been spotted could well be for event purposes only.

Original Article (16:30 BST): It would appear that Nintendo already has a new, revised version of the Nintendo Switch Lite in the works, despite the console only having released a matter of days ago.

The news comes from a new FCC filing spotted by Digital Trends which shows a new model with the identification number BKEHDH002; the original Switch Lite was submitted with an BKEHDH001 number. The filing is supported by manuals, photographs and other documentation which further prove that the listing is for a Switch Lite console. We've shared a couple of these below.

Nintendo hasn't revealed any plans to revise the Switch Lite in an official capacity, but it's worth noting that the original Switch also saw a revised model appear in stores this year which improved the console's battery life. A revised Switch Lite wouldn't be a surprise given that information, but we definitely wouldn't have expected to be hearing about it this early.

The filing has been spotted just days after the Switch Lite was added to a class-action lawsuit originally focusing on Joy-Con drift relating to the standard Switch console. Whether or not this revised machine has been designed to fix any reported issues with drift remains a mystery - the FCC documents have a focus on the wireless aspects and radiation output of the console, so hardware changes relating to sticks and the like wouldn't necessarily be shown.

Incidentally, a new theory suggests that the Switch Lite already found on store shelves does, in fact, work towards fixing the drifting issue found in the original model.

Would you be surprised to see Nintendo revise the Switch Lite this quickly? Or do you think it could make sense - depending on what has actually been changed, of course? Let us know your thoughts below.

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