A release date for The Sinking City's big launch on Nintendo Switch has finally arrived. You'll be able to get your hands on the game from 12th September.

We've been keeping a close eye on this one for a while now, recently sharing Switch footage and exclusive screenshots that had us hopeful for a strong release on the console, so it's good to have a release date locked in. For now, the game will only be releasing digitally, but developer Frogwares has revealed that a physical release "might" come later.

We initially wanted to do a physical release – we know lots of players prefer these – but we were eventually forced to put this off for now. We didn’t want to take too long to release the game on the Nintendo Switch, but going into the logistics and distribution of physical editions would push the release back by months. Frogwares is self-publishing this version but we’re not a big company and don’t have the resources to handle such a complex process ourselves. So, we’re focusing on the digital release first and might release a physical edition later.

Have you been looking forward to this one? Will you be downloading it next week, or holding off in case a physical launch appears later down the line? Let us know with a comment below.