Yesterday's Japanese Nintendo Direct was slightly different to the one we received in the west, and amongst the differences was the news that cult classic Moon is making a very welcome comeback.

Described as an 'anti-RPG', the game originally released on PlayStation back in 1997. It stars a boy who is initially seen playing an RPG called 'Moon' before being sucked into its in-game world. From there, players must explore the game's world while on a mission to recover its missing moonlight by collecting 'Love'. It's basically like Inception, but more moon-y. It has some pretty intriguing ideas behind it, for sure, and could be a great game for anyone interested in Japanese-only releases.

You see, the game was supposed to arrive in North America around the same time as the original Japanese release, but publisher ASCII US eventually decided against it, despite the game being heavily promoted at that year's E3. 22 years later, and here we are with a western release on a Nintendo console.

Here's a list of key features, straight from indie dev studio Onion Games:

• Conquer a game with a clear conscience in this Zero-Battle RPG! Free monsters’ souls!
• Collect dozens of “MoonDiscs” containing original songs, and choose your own favorite background music!
• Follow the real-time daily lives of Moon World’s NPCs, day and night, all week long!

As you can see in the tweet above, Moon is set to launch in Japan on 10th October, but the worldwide English-language release is also coming soon after.

Intrigued? Let us know if you'll be keeping an eye out for more on this one with a comment below.