Smash TV was one of those quintessential '90s arcade titles that got ported to every console known to man and was generally hailed as a ruddy good time by all who experienced it. Despite getting an unconnected sequel in the form of 1992's Total Carnage, Smash TV was never really iterated upon in the decades that followed ‚Äď but that looks set to change thanks to aQuadiun Games.

The developer is bringing Galaxy Champions TV to the Switch eShop on October 3rd, and from the trailer and screenshots, it looks set to scratch that dual-stick blasting itch in the same way that Eugene Jarvis' titles were famous for doing back in the day.

Galaxy Champions TV has over 15 unlockable upgrades, more than 15 powerful weapons (5 of which can be upgraded) and 4 different planets to conquer, each populated by multiple enemies and boss characters. There's also a 'Champions' survival mode with a global leaderboard, and you can play with a pal in the 2-player local co-op mode.

If you're a Smash TV, Robotron 2084 or Total Carnage fan, then this might be worth keeping an eye on.