Developer Inkle's award-winning adventure game 80 Days is headed to Nintendo Switch, it has been confirmed. The good news doesn't stop there either, as the studio's open-world archaeological adventure Heaven's Vault will also arrive next year.

If you've played 80 Days before, you're probably already sold on this Switch release, but for those not in the know it was named as one of 2014's top video games by Time magazine and received four BAFTA nominations.

The game mixes old-school text adventure with RPG and strategic board game elements, tasking players with helping Phileas Fogg win a bet to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. The catch is that you actually need to do this before time runs out; players must choose their route, manage their finances, interact with hundreds of characters, and complete the goal at hand in time.

This Switch version has been fully optimised for the console, with every part of the user interface being redesigned or reconsidered for play with either your Jon-Con or touchscreen. It also has resizable text for comfortable reading in both handheld and docked modes, which is particularly welcome after the recent Fire Emblem: Three Houses text size fiasco.

80 Days launches on Switch on 1st October as a 'definitive' version, including all of the content incrementally added to the adventure since its initial release. Heaven's Vault is headed to Switch in "early 2020". Our chums over at Push Square reviewed the PS4 version of Heaven's Vault earlier this year if you'd like to learn more.