Easily one of the most anticipated games coming to Switch next year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the subject of quite a lengthy section of yesterday's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

During the footage, we were given info about several features that are new to the series. First up was crafting, which will allow you to take core components and create new items – even weeds will have a use thanks to this new mechanic.

Then there was the "Resident Services" building, where you can stock up on tools and furniture. Tom Nook will even buy your unwanted items here, and the good news is that all those pesky weeds now have a value – Nook will take them off your hands as part of the "Island Cleanup Plan". Remember how annoying it is to come back to your game and find your island full of weeds? Now you'll be able to make money out of them!

Sticking with Tom Nook for a moment, it was also revealed that the game is getting a new currency: Nook Miles. By taking part in different tasks you can earn these miles which can then be traded in for special items and recipes.

We were also informed that up to four players can join in on a single Switch console, assuming you have the correct number of controllers. If you've got multiple Switch consoles – or you're playing online – then up to eight people can inhabit the same island.

We don't know about you, but New Horizons has just gotten even more exciting, and the wait is going to kill us. Let us know your feelings with a comment below.