No matter how many times we see Fight Crab, we can't help but fall in love with it all over again. A new trailer has been released for the upcoming title and it's just as bonkers as ever.

If you've missed our previous coverage of the game, Fight Crab has players taking control of two feisty crustaceans and stepping out onto a battlefield. From there, you'll pick up swords, guns, hammers, lightsabers, and seemingly whatever you can get your claws on to beat the living shells out of each other.

An early access version is now available for Windows, but a Switch version is still planned to release at some point this year. If you need more Fight Crab in your life (which you do), we urge you to remind yourself of this first trailer which was released just before Christmas. The music doesn't seem to fit with the action at all, yet somehow still feels like the best possible choice.

Oh, Fight Crab. Hurry up and come to Switch, please?