Nothing brings people together like a crisis, apparently, although there's always a bad egg or two to stink the situation up even further. NIS America's new trailer for Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories gives you an idea of the lovely (and not so lovely) people you'll be interacting with as you try to escape from a devastated city, and they're a mixed ol' bunch.

Entitled "Those Who Remain", the trailer is a sombre look at the assortment of do-gooders, swindlers and regular Joes you'll come across and is a pretty stark contrast to the previous, action-oriented 'First Impact' trailer released back in June.

This entry in the series was originally a PS3 title which was cancelled following the Tōhoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011. Fan demand saw it return to development and the game was reportedly rebuilt from the ground up when development restarted, although you might not guess it from the looks of the trailer.

Still, as Switch owners, we're well aware that looks aren't everything, and perhaps these 'interactions' and choices will turn out to have a little more substance than the relatively binary options the trailer shows. It certainly looks to be something of a downer, but there's space for all sorts of experiences on Switch and we're keen to find out more when the game arrives next year. There's also a Limited Edition coming with the soundtrack and some extra novelty garb:

Disaster Report 4 Switch Esrb White 1

Have you played any previous games in the series? Like the look of these character interactions? Feel free to use your advanced interaction skills below to express your thoughts on this new trailer.