With a healthy number of 'very positive' Steam user reviews tucked firmly under its belt, news editor simulator Headliner: NoviNews is set to make its own headlines on Switch.

The game throws you in at the deep end by having you take on the role of chief editor at the country's largest news publication. You'll be acting as the voice of the publication, deciding which stories to run, keeping your audience engaged, and making enough money to keep a roof over your head. Some of this is sounding very familiar.

As it happens, though, things are a little darker in tone than running the world's biggest independent Nintendo site. Instead of chatting about wonderfully fun platformers and Kirby pillows that essentially eat your entire face, you'll have a direct impact on the public and it’s up to you to cultivate the country’s culture through public opinion.

Every night ends with your custom made avatar walking home, observing how the stories you ran influenced those out there in the big wide world. You'll be dealing with politics, riots, and more, and with political tensions at an all-time high, coming up with the right headlines is more stressful than you might think. The game's creator, Jakub Kasztalski, has shared the following in a press release:

Headliner: NoviNews tackles one of today’s most pertinent issues: the mass distribution of information. We’re constantly being fed conflicting realities and ‘alternative facts’ that are making it increasingly hard for us to make sense of the world around us. I wanted to make a game that explores the difficulties in uniting a nation in a world where skepticism and bias have left us increasingly distrustful of everything we hear.”

An interesting concept, for sure. If you're intrigued, the game will be launching on Switch this summer - a specific date has yet to be confirmed.