Bigben and developer KT Racing have released a brand new video to show off WRC 8's redesigned career mode and we've lovingly shared it for you above. 'Cause we're nice like that.

A press release supporting the trailer states that the career mode "is traditionally the most popular and most played", and after discussions with the community, the dev team has aimed to offer gameplay that matches fans' expectations.

It allows players to become a driver for a WRC team for the first time, having you progress from season to season to compete in the WRC category and ultimately become world champion. It is said that players must excel in the following three major areas:

- Planning the calendar to decide which events to do in between rallies: training, manufacturer challenges, rest, classic events, etc.
- Managing a whole crew comprising six different and interconnected job roles. Players must consider each of their unique characteristics and use them strategically in each rally.
- Upgrading the crew through R&D and a skill tree, which evolves depending on player choices. Every decision has an impact on progression and on the morale of the crew (performance, reliability, etc.).

The game is still scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch in September this year, bringing new off-road physics for all surfaces, extreme and dynamic weather conditions, 52 teams, 14 countries, over 100 special stages, weekly challenges, and an eSports mode.


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