No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 was finally officially confirmed at E3 this year, giving fans of the series what they had been hoping to see for almost a decade. Sure, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was a nice way to return to the series on Switch, but for every person that played the game there were another twenty begging for a full-fat sequel to the main series.

Speaking with Polygon, series director Suda51 has spoken about his thought process behind the development of the latest title and how he wants it to take shape. He talks about what he has learnt from the release of Travis Strikes Again and how he wants to go "above and beyond" what fans want for the new game. The comments below came through an interpretor.

“One thing that he was really made to realize with TSA was [that] it is really important to listen to what the fans want. Again, not just to make it a game that will sell, but to make a game that the people who you want to enjoy the game are going to be able to enjoy it.”

“He’s obviously got his own vision of what the game is going to be like, what he wants it to be like, and when he says he wants to make the game for the fans, he doesn’t just want to make the game that they are expecting. The game that he wants to make is the kind of game that fans are expecting and the kind of game the fans want. He wants to not just [...] answer those wishes and those requests. He wants to go above and beyond that and [get to work] putting in the s--- that they want to see - give them all this extra s--- that they probably don’t even know what they wanted or they wouldn’t even be expecting.” (edited for language)

In the same interview, he reveals that he wants those who haven't played the first two games in the series to be able to jump right in with the new game, and that it will feature motion controls which act as the "purest way to play". If you're not a fan of waggling your arms around, he hopes to have you covered, too.

Have you been eagerly waiting for a new main series No More Heroes? Did you enjoy your time with Travis Strikes Again? Let us know with a comment below.