Numskull Games has revealed that it will be teaming up with Japanese developer and publisher Spike Chunsoft once more to release YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World on Nintendo Switch in Europe and Australia.

Earlier this year, a North American release date was revealed with no mention of a European or Australian launch. Thankfully, that announcement has now arrived - it'll be arriving in both regions on 4th October, just three days after the planned NA launch.

If you're not clued up on this one, make sure to check out the official info and trailer down below:

During his vacation from Sakaimachi Academy, Takuya Arima receives a package from his supposedly deceased father. It contains the mysterious Reflector Device, which allows the user to travel between parallel worlds. With help from his friends, teachers, and lovers, Takuya must unearth the mystery of his father's legacy to prevent a calamity threatening to envelop reality itself.

- The Power of the Reflector - Explore multiple timelines and revisit events through the unique gaming mechanic of the Reflector Device. This allows you to explore every timeline in detail. Activate the Reflector Device’s Auto Divergence Map System to return to an event with more knowledge and new items.

-Your Father's Clues - Solve all the mysteries of Sakaimachi to uncover the real secrets lying beneath Sword Cape. Collect items from one timeline and use them in the next to unlock Sword Cape's hidden truth.

-Love Beyond Worlds - Can you find the hidden world waiting beyond Sakaimachi? Fall in love with every character to reach the true ending to this 40+ hour visual novel.

That 4th October release will see the game arrive both physically and digitally, which is very nice to hear indeed.

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