Indie studio The Dreamerians is currently working on its debut title, A Rat's Quest - The Way Back Home. The game is in development for Switch and other consoles, with a 2021 release date planned.

This one has players taking on the role of Mat the rat, a tiny hero who wants nothing more than to be reunited with his love, Nat. Described as a "Romeo and Juliet-esque story", the game will have you making your way through a nightmarish fortress (which to us, is just an ordinary house) to find her, battling any enemies that you meet along the way and experiencing Mat's moving story.

Here's a feature list to give you some more info:

- Moving Story: Experience a story about love, friendship and keeping promises in three acts.
- Rat Mode: Climb, jump, crawl, slither and sneak like a rodent.
- Hybrid Gameplay: Experience the narrowness in walls and under the floor by a switching perspective between 3D platforming, side-scrolling and top-down.
- Full Immersion: Compasses are for humans. Make your own path! No mini-map,no waypoints… just your rodent survival instincts.
- Tough as Nails: No armor, no ordinance drops. Use the world and your wits to overcome overwhelming danger.
- A Rat’s Evolution: Gather gadgets and “add-ons” to survive the way back -home…
- Quests and Choices: Try different approaches when solving riddles and quests.

That 2021 release date seems forever away, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any future announcements regarding this one over the coming months.

What do you think? Will you be keeping the game on your radar? Let us know with a comment below.