Sega has announced Citizens of Space is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this month on 18th June for $14.99.

If the name sounds familiar, it's because this is a follow-up to the 2015 release, Citizens of Earth. The new game is also being developed by Eden Industries. Below is a rundown of the story:

It's your first day as the newly appointed Ambassador of Earth! Ah, smell that? That's the smell of the slow-but-inexorable bureaucracy that keeps this galaxy running smoothly! Well, running, at least.

And now it's your chance to become a part of that bureaucracy, finally! As you step into the hallowed halls of the Galactic Federation Assembly and give your opening speech, something seems it's not the smell of the Slorg ambassador, that's normal. When the video screen lowers so you can show off your homeworld to your gathered realize the Earth is missing!

As the Ambassador, you know it's your duty to save your beloved Earth! Plus, none of the other ambassadors seem to care much for a backwater planet they've never heard of. So begins your adventure to find the Earth and unite the galaxy's Citizens under your banner!

The game will give players the chance to recruit more than 40 citizens, with each one serving a unique purpose. There's a new battle system in place and multiple worlds to explore as well:

Citizens Unite!--You have access to over 40 recruitable Citizens, all available at any moment in the story, and each with their own role to fill in and out of combat. Everything has been streamlined so you'll spend a lot less time managing and more time leading your Citizens!

A Brand-New Battle System--Put your skills to the test in a newly-designed combat system where your ability to leverage timing and reflex-based minigames make all the difference between a landslide victory and a concession speech.

New Worlds of Exploration--It's not just Earth in trouble this time! Journey from your home planet to a variety of humorous, wacky worlds, each brought to life with vivid art and organic environments.

WIll you be picking this up on release? Did you play the original title? Tell us down in the comments.