Launching next week on the Nintendo Switch eShop is an intriguing little platformer called Alien Escape. A brand new trailer has been shared to show you what it's all about.

The game features a group of partying aliens who have landed on an unknown planet after crashing their UFO. They hope to find help at a nearby castle, but they find themselves imprisoned by its owner and are forced into a life of hard labour. Don't worry, things do get a little brighter thank goodness.

You see, by using some "very advanced technology", one alien going by the name of Timmy manages to manipulate gravity and free himself from this prison. From here, he sets off on an adventure to free his friends from the castle, overcoming fire, water, spikes, portals, and honey, all while using his gravity manipulation skills to rotate the world around him.

The game launches on Switch on 25th June, so that's just one week from today.

Do you like the sound of this one? Will you be giving it a go if the price is right? Let us know in the usual place.