If you get as hopelessly nostalgic around Super Smash Bros. Melee as we do, you're definitely in for a treat with this video.

Smash Bros. Reddit member sass253 has shared a recreation of Melee's opening sequence, created entirely within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's video editor. While some of the movie's scenes simply cannot be replicated exactly, sass253 aimed "to match the 'feel' of the original shot" throughout, and they certainly succeeded.

Here's the remake, and a reminder of how the original looked just below it. We have to say, this is an absolutely incredible effort.

If you want to find this particular creation in-game, you can do so with the following ID code: 9JW10RLW. The attention to detail here is particularly impressive - did you notice the different camera angles and cuts needed to recreate the Ness sequence, for example? Splendid.

What do you think? Impressed? Let us know if you've been having fun with the game's video editor in the comments below and - if you're reading this, sass253 - amazing job!