Note: This video contains flashing lights and rapidly changing colours.

Upcoming rhythm action title Vectronom will be aiming for the high notes on Switch next week, it has been confirmed. A brand new gameplay trailer has also been released.

We first shared news on this one back in January, with its pulsating colours and assault-on-the-senses-style gameplay intriguing us way back then. Now, though, we can get a much better taste of how the game plays thanks to this newly released trailer and it's certainly an interesting take on the platforming side of the rhythm genre.

Rather than simply moving across platforms by tapping along to the beat, players are tasked with memorising movement patterns at the same time; essentially, it looks like you'll need to hit a repeated sequence in time to the music - after a fair few failed attempts, we'd imagine.

A press release for the game tells us that its levels get harder and harder as you progress. You'll be able to pick this one up from the Switch eShop for €9.99 / £8.99 / $9.99 when it launches on 29th May.

What do you think? One for the wishlist, or a little in your face for your taste? Let us know in the comments.