PQube and developer Joysteak Studios' upcoming musical platformer Songbird Symphony is getting ever closer to launch and, to celebrate, a brand new trailer has been released.

Blending your usual platform game traits with rhythm action elements, this one hopes to get players groovin' as they play. You'll need to feel the beat as you run and jump around the world, pressing the buttons at the right time to progress. You can see some gameplay in the new trailer above, and we've also got a little more info for you below.

On the quest to learn more about his true legacy, Birb follows every lead he can find! Doing so, he does not always end up with benevolent characters like the wise owl, but also crosses the paths of mischievous troublemakers! No matter the encounter, earn their respect in challenging rhythm battles and help little Birb to find more about himself!

In Songbird Symphony, you are able to influence the background music with your puzzle-solving skills! The more creatures you help out on your way, the more musical elements are added to the background until you unlock the perfect symphony. Giving a hand to a friendly bee will, for example, make the spiders go up and down their web strings in joy, creating a lovely melody!

The game is scheduled for a worldwide release on 25th July, when it'll launch on Switch, PS4, and PC.

Do you like your games to have a musical twist? Does this one look like it'll hit the high notes? Share your thoughts with us below.