If you've been looking forward to trying out Ubisoft's Growtopia on Switch then, well... We don't know what to tell you.

Back in February, a Taiwanese rating for the MMO sandbox game suggested that a Switch version could well on the way. A month later, the game appeared on Nintendo's very own website, which we took as confirmation that a Switch release was imminent (we've got a screenshot of the page listing for you below). The release date of 28th March was confusing - the listing appeared the day after on 29th March and there was no sign of the game on the eShop - but still.

Here's what the Growtopia site listing used to look like
Here's what the Growtopia site listing used to look like

Now, though, heading to that very URL returns what we like to refer to as a 'Wario Whoops' page, or Nintendo's standard error page if you're the boring sort. If you don't believe it existed, a quick Google of 'Growtopia Switch' brings it up as a result.

Things get weirder still, though. Lootpots reports that on 8th May, the page swapped its lead image for a shiny new Switch trailer, complete with the Switch 'click' logo and branding. Taking down the whole page for an error in a video seems like a pretty drastic action, but what else could the reasoning be?

We'll make sure to keep an eye out for any more news on this one going forward. Would you like to see Growtopia on Switch? Let us know.

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