ACE Team has announced that tower defence/racing game Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder is dropping on Switch on 14th May. The developer is bringing its irreverent humour to Nintendo's hybrid console after published by Atlus on other platforms back in 2017. It's a follow up to 2011's original and it sees you building boulders and launching them towards enemies gates as fast as you can muster.

It appears that Atlas, he of Greek myth forever condemned to hold up the celestial sphere, has dropped said sphere and it's wreaking havoc with history. You must not only destroy your enemy, but also use traps and other defensive units to protect yourself.


This sequel has an emphasis on online multiplayer, with co-op or competitive modes available as you journey though various historical periods. The blurb below gives us an idea of what to expect:

- Up to 4-Person Multiplayer - A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Play with up to four players online in a match to the crushing death, with the ability to customize the banners and colors for your boulder.
- Utter Chaos - Expanding on the first game with a more diverse selection of units and a larger focus on rock-smashing strategy in Bigger & Boulder, chaos reigns supreme!
- Improved Physics and Destructible Environments - Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Rock of Ages 2 has upgraded physics, allowing you to crack, crush, slam, and flatten your adversary!
- ACE Team's Trademark Quirkiness - With humor turned up to 11, players will rock and roll through the ages. Famous historical and mythological figures beware.
- Historically Inaccurate Bosses - Take on works of art come to life in boss battles featuring the likes of The Thinker and the Great Sphinx, leading up to the all-powerful final boss in a showdown like you'd never imagine!

Having missed the game the first time around, we still don't feel particularly enlightened on the specifics, but it all sounds jolly good fun. According to the game's website, the Binding of Isaac crossover DLC "will be available for free on Nintendo Switch for 2 weeks after release". Free is an excellent price, we're sure you'd agree, and the game itself looks suitably surreal - a pleasantly silly take on mythology and art history which is usually a very serious matter indeed. It launches on 14th May for $14.99, £13.49 and "commensurate EU prices".

Have you played the game on other platforms? Let us know below if you're excited to go 'bouldly'..., hmm. If you're 'embouldened' by..., no, no. If you're 'bould over' by these screensh-... Taxi!