Russian indie developer HeroCraft has announced that its cyberpunk puzzle game, Hyperforma, is set to launch on Nintendo Switch later this year.

The game is said to contain a "captivating story" which focuses on a lone explorer making his journey into a relic cyberspace called 'Ancient Network', hoping to reveal the secrets of its masters. The game is an arcade-style puzzler which has you hacking sophisticated virtual systems in order to progress through its 80+ levels.

This Switch release will come with several new features, including an all-new co-op mode. These new features are listed below:

- HD Rumble Support
- Gyroscope Control Options
- An All-New 2-Player Mode With Controller Sharing
- A Completely Reworked Interface and Improved Color Grading

We don't have an exact release date for this one just yet, but we're told it'll arrive on Nintendo's machine "later this year". We'll keep an eye out for more news as it comes.

What do you think? A puzzler worth adding to your Switch wishlist?