If you're in need of some new joy-con and don't particularly care what you attach to your Nintendo Switch, how about some bootleg ones for $15? In his latest video, our lovely video producer Alex Olney has contracted a virus, which for unknown reasons can only be cured with the assistance of knock-off controllers.

We know you might have seen fake Switch controllers before, but these are different. For starters, they actually seem to work and include all of the features you would expect – rumble, wireless, gyro sensors and can even be attached to and detected by the system.

One setback is they can't be updated when connected to the Switch. The right joy-con also doesn't have an IR camera and the low price makes the overall build feel incredibly light – with cheaper casing and buttons. To find out if Alex would actually recommend these controllers, view the following video:

Do you need some extra joy-con? What do you think of these bootleg ones? Tell us down in the comments.