Earlier this week, we shared our impressions of UK event EGX Rezzed, highlighting how impressed we were with Nintendo's progress in the indie gaming space. The Nindie presence was also high at last month's GDC event, which just so happened to take place at the same time as March's Nindies Showcase. There's a lot of Nindie love in the air right now.

As if to prove our point, this new video shared by Nintendo focuses on some of the most exciting indie games on the horizon. Nindie Showcase co-host Katie Casper chats to ten developers who are all bringing games to the Switch, and we'd urge you to give it a watch.

Not only will you learn a couple of things about said games, but it's also nice to see the developers be given a moment or two in the spotlight.

Are there any upcoming indie games that you can't wait to play? Give a shoutout to your favourites in the comments below.