After numerous videos showcasing specific music tracks heading to the game, Sega has finally released a brand new gameplay trailer for Team Sonic Racing. Being the helpful folk that we are, we thought we'd go ahead and share it with you lovely lot.

Make sure to check it out above if you haven't already; the video's description gives a pretty good sense of what you'll be treated to:

The race is about to begin! Join Sonic and friends as they speed across vibrant tracks and do whatever it takes to come out in first place. Race online with up to 12 friends, play with friends in your living room with split screen, customize and personalize your car for maximum speed, and work together as a team to unleash your Team Ultimate Boost. Gear Up. Speed Up. Team Racing at Sonic Speed.

The game is still scheduled to zoom onto Switch on 21st May and will be released both digitally and physically.

Does the footage get you excited for its release? Will you be strapping yourself in for a race or two next month? Share your thoughts with us below.