Nintendo Labo Smash Board

It's a big week for Nintendo Labo VR, with free compatibility updates for Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild arriving very soon.

To further celebrate the occasion, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is hosting an appropriately-themed spirit board event. This event will allow players to unlock all-new spirits, based on Nintendo's cardboard creations. You can even pick up your very own headset spirit. Here are the full details, courtesy of the Nintendo Australia Twitter account:

The five-day spirit event "Nintendo Labo: Smash Kit" starts on 26/04!
Beat the target spirits in battle to earn triple the usual EXP! Event-exclusive spirits will also make an appearance, so don't miss out! #SmashBrosUltimate

As noted, the event starts later this week and will run for a total of five days. The last time the game received a fresh batch of spirits was during a Super Mario Party event.

Will you be booting up Smash to add these spirits to your collection? Tell us in the comments.