If you're anything like us, you'll probably love Mario Kart and cats in almost equal measure. If that does happen to apply to you, wait until you see Meow Motors.

The game has you taking to the track to play as one of a dozen colourful cats, all of which are said to be memorable for their "different characteristics and unique personalities". You'll need to overcome various difficulties on each track such as drifting through mines and bombs, stop and slow down your competitors by blasting them with bubble gum and other weapons, and even gather power-ups along the way. Your usual kart racer setup, then.

At present, the game has a "very positive" rating on Steam where it launched just a few months ago. Here are some features:

- Dynamic gameplay that has three different modes: circle races, drifts and 'strike' mode
- 20 different tracks where kitties will compete
- 10 kitties with unique abilities that will help you gain an advantage
- 10 power-ups with unique effects to defeat your competitors
- Charge your power-ups and get a more powerful effect!
- Overtake opponents, drift and get bonuses for it.

A Nintendo listing for the game reveals that it'll be launching on Switch on 8th May. At present, the game only appears on the North American version of the site (where it will apparently cost $14.99).

What do you think? A purrfect Mario Kart-alike for those on a budget? Knock all of our possessions off the table in the comment section below.

[via nintendo.com]