Headup Games has revealed that its bonkers-looking, upcoming racing game Fromto will be speeding onto Switch in Q3 2019.

We first heard about this one just a couple of months ago, with its crazy combination of racing game and physics-based mayhem leaving us feeling rather intrigued. At first, players choose their vehicles and then race through a pre-set level, hoping to reach a checkpoint before their opponents, but things soon start to get a whole lot harder.

Once all players reach the goal, all the little cars turn into helicopters and you’re suddenly tasked with collecting different, randomly dropped crates which contain new track parts to place in the pre-set level you just completed. These parts can be helpful - like new platforms, ramps and jump pads - or extremely unhelpful such as obstacles and traps for your opponents. You can get a good sense of how crazy things can be in the trailer above.

Up to 4 players online & local multiplayer
- Single player challenges
- Hot seat mode to play multiplayer with one controller or keyboard
- Super high replayability!
- Online leader board for single player challenges
- Record & replay your gameplay
- Fun to watch!
- Lots of different cars
- Very tuneable gameplay settings
- Full controller support
- Nifty secrets
- Many, many track parts
- Destructible terrain
- Unseen art style partially made by young children
- Unlock cars, obstacles and levels as you progress
- Amazing soundtrack

The game was actually created by developer and contemporary artist Erik Habets, together with his two kids.

As mentioned above, Fromto is now scheduled to launch on Switch in Q3 2019. It's launching on PC in June, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for more news on this one after it's released into the wild.

Do you like the look of the game? Will you be adding it to your wishlist? Let us know below.