As our chums in North America may well already be aware, the last few days have played host to PAX East, a showcase of lots of upcoming indie games set to launch across all your favourite systems. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was one of the many games on show, but reaction to the Switch build was rather disappointing.

USGamer came away from the event describing the Switch version as "choppy and unpolished", noting issues such as a "terrible input lag, slowdown, and an inconsistent frame rate". Early signs weren't good, to say the least, but publisher 505 Games has reassured fans that things will be better by the time the game launches.

The publisher told USGamer that the Switch port still has a lot of optimisation to go through, with the final release set to run much more closely to its PC counterpart. If you've been left rather worried after hearing recent hands-on impressions, it might be worth waiting for full reviews near release which will hopefully be much more positive.

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