HandyGames has revealed Spitlings, a new arcade action game set to blast its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

With a Story Mode and an Arcade Mode featuring more than 100 levels to keep you busy, Spitlings offers a whole lot of challenge for either a solo player, or for up to four friends. HandyGames is calling this "the perfect game with which to blame your friends" should you lose, because all players are forced to start over if just one of you messes up. We can feel lots of shouting coming on.

You can also create your own levels in a four-player co-op editor, which could well cause just as many arguments. You can see the chaos unfolding in the trailer above, and we have this handy feature list for you below, too:

- Classic hardcore gameplay meets modern design sensibility
- Action packed, highly engaging, scream-at-your-friends multiplayer fun
- If one fails, all restart: it’s co-op with all the outrage of versus on top
- Play a 100+ level Story Mode with cutscene animations
- Beat the clock to unlock 30+ themes and characters
- Edit game options and parameters to suit your playstyle in Arcade Mode
- Play by your lonesome or with up to three other friends in four-player co-op multiplayer
-Tap into your creativity with the local level editor which can also be used in co-op play

There's no release date for this one yet as it's still in development, but it's expected to arrive on Switch "later this year".

What do you think? A perfect game to get angry at with your friends? Let us know if you'll be keeping an eye out for this one in the comments.