Forever Entertainment has been hard at work on Hollow 2 recently, a sequel to last year's first-person survival game Hollow. A brand new trailer has been released today to give players a taste of the action.

It's safe to say that we weren't the biggest fans of Hollow when we played it last February. We felt that its visuals, controls, story, and more left a lot to be desired, and it would appear that the team has been taking these things into account for this new effort.

The PR team behind the game tells us that while Hollow received mixed reviews from press, it actually sold really well on Switch (generous sales might have helped here). For Hollow 2, Forever Entertainment has "tried to implement player feedback and added much more dynamic gameplay", hopefully resulting in a better overall package.

It'll be interesting to see how this one performs when it arrives later this year; the game will actually be arriving on Switch before other platforms, but we don't have a solid date just yet.

Did you play the original? Would you be interested in an improved sequel? Let us know down below.