Team Sonic Racing

In case you somehow missed the news, last October, Sega revealed Team Sonic Racing had been delayed until 21st May 2019. Since then, it has been slowly drip-feeding racing enthusiasts more information about the upcoming multiplatform release.

In the latest trailer, we get a look at the car customisation options in the game. You'll be able to change your ride's performance mods, the sound of its horn, the paint job and even add vinyls. Take a look below:

Customize your car any way you want it in Team Sonic Racing! Check out a look at the new parts, paint, and decal options, as well as some new footage from the game.

Sega has also uploaded a few other Team Sonic Racing videos. The first is part one of an animation based on Team Sonic Racing:

Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Dark face off at Wisp Circuit in this first of two parts of a special animation based on Team Sonic Racing! As usual, the diabolical Dr. Eggman seems to have his own plans – can the teams overcome his tricks, or will they find themselves more than a little distracted?

Big thanks to Tyson Hesse and Neko productions for their hard work putting this together! Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2, arriving late April 2019!

And the second is a remixed music track for Bingo Party:

Bingo Party returns with an amazing new remix in Team Sonic Racing! Talented chiptune artist TORIENA teamed up with Jun Senoue for an amazing new take inspired by the Sonic Heroes classic.

Are you excited to customise your ride in Team Sonic Racing? Tell us below.