Coming from Timberline Studios, The Red Lantern is confirmed to be coming to Switch sometime this year. Lindsay Rostal, the game's director, presented game footage in today's Nindie Direct detailing some of the things you'll be getting up to in this story-driven dog sled sim.

Featuring roguelike elements and 'hundreds' of possible unique events, the game follows a woman as she takes part in real life annual Iditarod dog race. From the trailer, it looks very much like a journey of self-discovery along the lines of Firewatch.

In handheld mode, gyro controls will enable you to look around without using the right stick, and it looks like you'll be facing some predicaments as you struggle with yourself and your dogs as much as the environment and the dangers it presents.

Strong Firewatch vibes, no? Have you ever fancied riding a digital dog sled? Let us know in the comments below.