Super Real Mahjong PV

Super Real Mahjong PV has only been available on Nintendo Switch for a matter of days, but the game has already been pulled from the eShop after several scenes of nudity were spotted by players.

Super Real Mahjong is a series of arcade mahjong titles made by SETA Corporation, with many of its games being ported to the Sega Saturn (although some did make it to the Super Famicom, too). PV is a port of Super Real Mahjong P5, and it recently launched on the Japanese Switch eShop.

Nudity is featured throughout the series' arcade releases, so the Switch port has been heavily censored with beams of light being used to hide any offending material. These lights can be seen in various scenes contained with the game.

Unfortuantely, these beams weren't always 100% accurate in their placement, resulting in certain graphical details slipping through when they should have been fully covered. You can see an example here via Twitter user, QzakuSEGA (but be warned that the image featured may not be suitable for everyone, and is certainly NSFW).

The team behind the Switch release, Mighty Craft Co., has now issued an official statement on the matter, informing fans that the entire game is being corrected and will be once again sent to Nintendo for re-examination. Mighty Craft hopes to have the game back on the eShop next week.

Of course, the question remains: how did the game get by Nintendo's quality assurance in the first place? We'll leave that one for you folks to decide in the comments.