The Switch eShop is about to get its hands on yet another puzzle title, this time in the form of SpellKeeper.

Described as a "unique logic game" on Nintendo's official store listing, this one is set to feature dozens of puzzles and hand-drawn graphics, as seen in the gameplay footage up above. That video is actually taken from the Steam version of the game which released just under a year ago.

A plot behind the puzzles sees you taking on the role of the Chosen One and saving butterflies trapped in magic cocoons. You'll need to use various types of magic spells and correctly arrange the butterflies on the board. Here are some game features to give you a little more info:

Game Features:
- Easy to play
- Challenging but not frustrating difficult level
- No hints because it's much better to solve the puzzle yourself using your brain and logic.
- Game for everyone (no violence).
- Hand-painted graphics and relaxing music.
- Thirteen language versions.
- English voice acting.

It launches on Switch on 2nd April and will be priced at $5.99 / £4.99; those who pre-purchase the game from the eShop will benefit from a discount which takes it down to $4.49 / £3.74, however.

Are you a puzzle game fan? Does this look like a perfect way for you to kill some time? Let us know your thoughts below.