Switch Repaired

It doesn't matter what company it is, customer service can be hit or miss depending on the day of the week. Now that we've somewhat set the scene, a Reddit user known as blockingturtle recently sent their faulty Switch (including the Joy-Cons and all the other important equipment) off to Nintendo UK for repair.

When the system eventually arrived home, there were no Joy-Cons inside the packaging. On the plus side, there was a letter explaining how the technicians identified the issue as a Switch operating system problem and had been able to resolve it with a software update. Nintendo also renew the warranty for an additional 12-months.

Fortunately, it's not as alarming as it all sounds. According to the owner of this repaired system, Nintendo actually plans to send the Joy-Cons back separately, as they also need to be fixed. What's weird, though, is the fact it's being spread out across three separate deliveries. You would think customer support would hold off until everything is resolved and then send it back in a single delivery. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume there was a good reason behind this decision.

Feel free to share your own customer support experiences you've had with Nintendo. Were they good or bad? Let us know.

[source reddit.com]