Joining the ever-growing roster of fighters for Mortal Kombat 11 today is Johnny Cage, and IGN has shared a first look at him in action in the trailer above.

Johnny Cage becomes the 14th character to be officially revealed for the game, set to be playable from launch when it releases on 23rd April in the US (or the month after for Europe). This official announcement comes just days after series co-creator Ed Boon teased the character on Twitter - keeping an eye on his account might not be a bad idea going forward.

You can check out how he'll play in the new trailer reveal; fans will be pleased to see his signature green fireballs firmly intact alongside the game's usual ultra-violent fighting antics.

Earlier this month, plenty more characters were also rumoured to be joining the roster after an apparent Steam achievements list leak. Perhaps we'll see more of these be unveiled over the coming weeks?

Will you be grabbing this one on launch day? Any characters you're desperate to see in the game? Let us know in the comments.