Rad Rodgers Radical Edition will be locking and loading on Nintendo Switch very soon indeed, with a brand new trailer (up above) confirming that the game will be available from 26th February.

As had already been revealed towards the end of last year, the Switch version will boast all-new content in the form of local co-op support, a versus mode, and several new playable characters. The Radical Edition adds ‘90s gaming stars Duke Nukem, Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, and Cosmo from Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure, as well as 3D Realms' Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison from Bombshell and the upcoming Ion Maiden.

Other new features include new levels, abilities, mini-games, a new overworld, and "tons of new secrets, collectables and unlockables". Frederik Schreiber, co-owner of publisher 3D Realms, has shared the following in a press release today:

“We love Rad, and we thought he deserved some awesome new friends to play with. With new levels, weapons, couch co-op and a versus mode, I think our fans may have a hard time putting this game down.”

As noted above, the game arrives on Switch on 26th February; the new content will also be added to the game on other platforms as a free update on the same day.

Is this cheeky adventure going on your Switch wishlist? Let us know down below.