One of the most intriguing games on the Switch's release schedule horizon is Ape Out, an ultra-violent smash 'em up that was originally planned to release next week. Sadly, the game has been delayed slightly, pushing its launch date back to 28th February.

The game is a wild mash-up of striking colours, frantic jazz music and inescapable violence, where players have to charge around destroying everyone in their path. You can build up momentum to cause even more destruction, using your captors to shield yourself from harm and cause more damage to others. In a nice touch, it even features a procedural music system which adapts as you play.

Devolver Digital's fittingly angry press release tells us that the delay has been implemented to "get 60 frames in each glorious second of the game", before going on to tell potential buyers exactly what they can do with the news:

"Consumers around the world can show their appreciation for a good old-fashioned delay by pre-ordering the game on Nintendo Switch to prove blind loyalty to frame rate."

If you wish to take them up on that lovingly crafted offer, you can pick it up on Switch for $14.99 / £10.99 / €14.99.

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