Coming to Switch and PC later this year, self-described 'roguelike action shooter' Black Future '88 is set in an alternate reality where, it appears, it's always 1988.

Presumably this is an alternate 1988 after Biff stole the Sports Almanac and gifted it to his past self because things don't look too rosy. On the positive side, you've survived a nuclear event - yay! - but unfortunately it seems that almost everything in the world, robotic or otherwise, is trying to put an end to you.

Your job is to climb procedurally generated towers while avoiding the usual obstacles (lasers, murderous robots and the like) in order to reach the tower's architect, Duncan - the man responsible for this apocalypse - and give him a taste of justice from a big gun or a beam sword.

If that's not a tall enough order, it seems you're suffering from some sort of Crank-like medical condition meaning your heart will explode if you don't get a move on. If it's not one thing, it's another, eh?

With a plethora of weapons, powers, buffs and curses to employ, there's also local co-op if you fancy bringing a friend along, plus daily challenges enabling you to climb up a global leaderboard if you don't have any friends, or if they just don't fancy a jaunt to a deadly neon dystopia. Here are a few more details from the official 'factsheet':


It all looks very stylish and we'll find out more when it releases later this year, barring any cataclysmic events in the real world.

Like the look of this dirty neon shooter? Do you think it'll have enough to set it apart from the countless other video game dystopias? Let us know with a comment.