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The side-scrolling musical adventure Wandersong has had tremendous success since it was released in September last year. On the Switch front, the game outperformed the Steam version, selling nearly three times as many copies.

In an interview with LootPots, the mastermind behind this title Greg Lobanov was asked about the possibility of DLC being added to the game. He explained how extra content would only make sense if there was a "new story to tell" and right now, everything was where it should be:

"As far as the story goes, I feel it like it ends in a really nice place. I don’t really feel like I want to bother the characters any more or ask them anything else. I feel like they’re pretty set. If I had a really strong idea for DLC, and maybe it’ll happen down the road, maybe I’ll change my mind about it. But right now everything is good, where it should be."

In terms of what's next for Lobanov, it would seem he is already working on multiple new projects:

"I’m actually working on, as of yesterday, three different games but some more obviously than others. We just announced my next, kinda Wandersong-ish follow-up [drawdog], which is going to be a game about a dog that paints. I’m also collaborating on a couple of other smaller things.

When asked if his next game would come to the Nintendo Switch, this was his reply:

"We don’t know yet. I would be really excited for it to come to the Switch, but I would say I can’t say for sure yet."

Have you played Wandersong on the Switch or perhaps another platform? Would you like to see more of Greg Lobanov's work on Nintendo's system? Tell us below.

[via lootpots.com]