Runbow developer 13AM Games' latest project Double Cross arrives on Switch tomorrow and, to get you as prepared as possible for the game's big release, the studio has shared with us a brand new Upgrades Tutorial trailer.

While playing through the game as Zahra, players are able to collect a rare element called Upgradium (purple, floating crystals that you can see in the new video above). Upgradium can be used to customise your character's abilities such as equipping Zahra with permanent fighting moves, stronger attacks, and other valuable skills needed to save the multiverse.

Over the past couple of days, other videos from 13AM Games have also been shared. If you want to learn even more about the new title, make sure to check out the Investigation Tutorial trailer and the Overview trailer below.

Are you looking forward to this one? Are you thinking of downloading a copy for yourself? Make sure to check back with us tomorrow for our full review of the game.