The Walking Dead: The Final Season has been on an incredibly bumpy ride over the last few months; original developer Telltale Games sadly closed its doors last year, putting the game's future in doubt, before Skybound Games saved the day by promising to complete it. Things are definitely looking up now, though, as the entire final season is now coming to Switch in physical form, too.

The season's third episode launched digitally on Switch earlier this month, with the fourth and final episode also being dated for a 26th March release on the eShop. This newly-announced physical version is scheduled for a release just after that date on 29th March, as shown in this tweet below from Spanish video game distributor, Meridiem Games.

While no other publishers have confirmed the release just yet, we'd expect to see the game appear across other countries, too - especially in other territories in Europe at the very least. A listing for the physical copy also appeared on the US version of Amazon several days ago, despite no word on the matter from official sources.

Meridiem Games has confirmed that the physical edition will include all four episodes of the final season in one package.

Have you been playing The Walking Dead: The Final Season episode by episode? Or are you more tempted to give it a go with this physical release? Tell us below.

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