Nintendo might have won the lawsuit against Tokyo's Mari Mobility company - formerly known as MariCar - but somehow the go-kart business continues to bite back. Even though the company was required to pay 10 million yen (roughly USD$88,000) in damages last year and immediately stop wearing Mario-themed outfits, it's now managed to take a seemingly passive-aggressive swipe at Nintendo by sticker bombing its small motorised vehicles with new graphics.

As recently publicised over on SoraNews24, the go-karts are now covered in stickers reading "Unrelated to Nintendo" and are visible from every angle of the vehicle. There are about 15 of these stickers on each one. With so many stickers on display, the source notes how it's hard to tell if this is a genuine attempt by the company to distance itself from Nintendo or not. At the very least, it seems drivers are no longer dressing up as Nintendo characters. See for yourself below:

One Japanese Mario Kart fan saw the notice on the karts and decided to recreate it in the Mario Kart DS emblem maker:

Can you believe it's come to this? Tell us below.

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