Giant Switch One

Have you ever wondered what certain other devices and items in your household would look like as a Switch? Well, wonder no more! A big Nintendo fan and Reddit user known as u/logbies has crafted rather large Joy-Con shelves to place alongside their television.

As can be seen in the above and below photos, both Joy-Con shelves are designed to match the height of a 55" television, transforming it into a gigantic Nintendo Switch that can hold up to 40 games. The talented individual behind the creation also goes by the name of Switch_dreamer here on Nintendo Life.

This isn't the first time Logbies has created a larger than life Switch-themed household item. A previous creation he has posted includes a fancy Nintendo Switch coffee table with built-in lights. Have a look at it in the below video:

Would you like these Switch-themed creations in your own living room? Tell us below.